Kitty Pretty Gifts
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For Cats and the People who Love Them.
Petsafe Slimcat is an interactive pet product that increases feline activity, decreases excessive eating and corrects behavioral problems in your cat.
Kitty Kong & Stuff’n Easy Treat Salmon Combo contains a fun toy for cats and a delicious treat paste that can be added to the inside of your cat’s new toy
Gifts Your Cat Will Love!
This fabulous cat toy packs in 2 of a cat’s favorite things: catnip & treats! The BOODA® Double Treat Ball is a 2-sided treatball for twice the fun. $4.39
KitNipBox is a monthly subscription service for cats. Each box includes healthy cat treats, unique toys, and other goodies. We offer a $19.99/month Happy Cat box with four or more items and a $29.99/month Multi-Cat box with six or more goodies. 
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Doorknob Dangler Catnip Mouse This adorable plush toy is designed to resemble a mouse and can be hung from a doorknob and it's also stuffed with catnip for an enticing treat! This will provide the mental and active physical stimulation needed for felines. Each leg is 6" long but can extend to 12". Plus there is a bell on each foot.$8.95
Rhinestone Collar Charm Letters These rhinestone collar charms are a great way to personalize and accessorize your pet's collar while adding a little "glam."$0.99 per letter
Catit Design Senses Illuminated Ball $5.89
Catit Design Senses Food Maze is the smart way to feed your cat. The cat moves the food (or treats) through the maze by pawing at it through the side openings until it drops down to the food tray. $22.69